Fun Facts

For over 30 years Jim and Bonnie along with the help of many others have served God by leading the Celebration Puppeteers' Ministry Team. It has been as challenging as it has been rewarding. The team has been a very diverse group. We are made up of kids (starting with 5th graders) and adults. Occasionally younger ones have joined for a time. God has blessed our ministry in many ways. We have made friends from around the world and had opportunities to share our faith with many others.
We have grown spiritually.
We have been challenged to try new things.
We are focused on our mission;
“We do what we do for God, not for the applause of man."
We are a ministry not just a performing group, even though we serve God by performing "shows" not sermons.
We have a mission, philosophy, and a scripture to guide us in making decisions and goals.
We do not take "bows" at the end of our presentations because we are servants of God.
We are not just a ministry for children. Half of our members are adults. Our audiences are as varied in age as anyone can imagine.
God's message is for EVERYONE.
Each presentation is based on scripture.
We meet weekly and share the responsibility of set up and devotion. We share our faith with each other.
We present God's word approximately 35 times a year.
We go wherever God sends us.
It takes an average of 3-4 hours to set up for a show and 45 minutes to tear down.
An average presentation uses over 75 different puppets and 200 props.
It takes the best part of 8 weeks to prepare a new show (this includes late nights and many hands
As an Old Bethel UMC work area we don't fit into any ONE area very well… we are a missions team, an evangelism team, a Christian Education team, a music team, a community outreach team, a worship team, a drama team, a family life team, a fellowship team and so on…………….