Since 1982, the Celebration Puppeteers have served as a special ministry of Old Bethel United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are recognized in some international circles for their creative application of the gospel. What began as five puppeteers today is comprised of 25 youth and adults that rehearse weekly and perform throughout the year.

Directing the Celebration Puppeteers are Jim and Bonnie Scott. Jim and Bonnie have created hundreds of puppet characters that are used in their ministry. Jim co-authored "The Puppet Director's Notebook" along with Dale VonSeggen.

The Celebration Puppeteers maintain a demanding performance schedule. Between performances the team promotes Christian growth and spiritual development. In the past; the puppeteers have made their own puppets, written, recorded and directed their own productions, participated in puppet conferences, conventions and workshops. Over the years they have earned several talent competition awards.

The Celebration Puppeteers have learned to be effective tools in worship, outreach, missions and evangelism. They may be kids and adults who sometimes act like kids, but they are right on the front lines of spreading God's messages and teachings to children young and old.